Podologie Midrasim Israel

Podologie Midrasim Israel

Hazon Ich 19 Bnei Brak
Ahuza 68 Raanana
Beth Hadfus 9 Jerusalem - Ra'annana - Center District - Israel

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David Benaroch – a podiatrist – pedicure specialist, licensed by the French Health Ministry in 2002.
His enthusiasm in analyzing gait and lower limb disorders has enabled this doctor to export his knowledge to Israel.
Thanks to his expertise in the area of requirements and innovations in the production of orthopedic footwear, Dr. Benroch is a doctor who places a high priority on improving the condition of his patients.
He has earned his experience at the national institute of podiatry (Institut National de Podologie) in Paris and at some of the largest hospitals in Paris – Henri Mondor, Bichât, and Kremlin Bicêtre, in the diabetes and rheumatology departments.
After being licensed in 2002, he opened 4 clinics in Paris, which enabled him to thoroughly understand the repeating lower limbs disorders; he realized that the source of these problems lay on the level of the knees, the pelvis and the back – and the other way around.

David Benaroch specializes in fo


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